Misfits Character Studies 1

Niall teasdale trudy pinup1
Niall teasdale xanthe pinup1
Niall teasdale misfits pinup1
The Misfits
Niall teasdale night on the town2
The Misfits On the Town
Niall teasdale shastin pinup1
Theodore Marin
Niall teasdale krystal pinup20
Niall teasdale charleigh pinup1
Niall teasdale cragscales pinup1
Niall teasdale charity pinup1
Niall teasdale jesse pinup1
Niall teasdale filicia pinup1
Felicia - I was messing around with alternate uniforms when I did this one
Niall teasdale felicia pinup2
Felicia in another alternate uniform I decided not to go with
Niall teasdale dont break the spine
Krystal hates it when you mistreat books
Niall teasdale celestina pinup1
Celestina Nightsky
Niall teasdale scintilla pinup1
Scintilla Rainshadow
Niall teasdale charleigh pinup4
Charlotte in flight

I'm working on some new books featuring characters with the ability to shift into a scaled form. They're a take on dragons, basically.
The setting is a little warped by the existence of magic and the desire to keep weapons capable of badly hurting a dragon out of the hands of the lower classes. There are quite modern textiles, some of them altered alchemically. There are no cars, but there are trains. There's a telegraph system, but no telephones or radio. And dragons can live for over 700 years, so some of them have an anachronistic view of social norms and appropriate dress. So these characters can have quite a wide range of looks.