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Children of Zanar Character Design

Another set of character designs from one of my books. I settled on a look for most of them fairly quickly. Jinny was easy since she's based on a video game character. Kaya went through a couple of iterations as I worked out how she was going to end up with the group (she's the 'outsider' coming in and having to have things explained to her so that the reader can learn them with her). Initially she was a little more world-wise and willing to do just about anything to get what she needed. She later became more innocent, but rather self-conscious about her height, hence the boots. Also, the planet she starts out on has a cold atmosphere and she'd have frozen to death in that first outfit.

Niall teasdale thea pinup21


Niall teasdale geogracus pinup1


Niall teasdale jaylacus pinup4


Niall teasdale jinny pinup3


Niall teasdale kaya pinup2

An early design for Kaya

Niall teasdale cassandra pinup2


Niall teasdale sienna pinup8


Niall teasdale sienna pinup9

Sienna (bust)

Niall teasdale thea pinup1

Thea (casual)

Niall teasdale kaya pinup4