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Fox - V8

Genesis/Victoria 8 came out recently, and Fox was my first G3F/V7 character. So, I thought I'd give transferring her to the new model a go. It took more effort than I thought it would, but I did get it to work. The new version looks very much like the old, though I don't have Measure Metrics for V8 yet (DAZ seem to be being a bit slow on that) to be sure I have all the proportions right.
I have also been experimenting with some different hair styles for her to take up, but nothing is really hitting the right tone yet. Often, if something gets close to being right, it's too difficult to work with. So, she still has her cap of foxy hair to date.

Niall teasdale fox pinup274

Pinup closeup, with a gun. Zooming in is worth it to see the detail along her jawline and ears.

Niall teasdale fox pinup275

Working clothes.

Niall teasdale fox pinup277

Working clothes... No, really.

Niall teasdale fox v8 study7

Long hair.

Niall teasdale fox v8 study8

Longer hair than usual.

Niall teasdale fox v8 study9

Impractical body armour.

Niall teasdale fox v8 study10

Something more casual.