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This is the story of the character who refused to not appear in a book. I had an idea and I created the character for it, and then the idea failed. But I just couldn't give up on this character: she looks great!
So, I had another idea and started writing, and that didn't work.
And another idea and (I'm sure you've guessed by now) that didn't work either.
So I put her aside and wrote something else, which did work, but I came back to her again, this time using her in a fantasy setting. I think this one is it, so Ayah is finally going to get her story. It's been a while coming.

Niall teasdale ayah 12

Ayah's current incarnation. She's not a barbarian warrior.

Niall teasdale ayah 15

When she started out, she had different hair.

Niall teasdale ayah 31

And then I gave her a nponytail.

Niall teasdale ayah 39

A ponytail and a gun. And I messed around trying to find some sci-fi armour.

Niall teasdale ayah 6

And then she became a maid servant in a cheongsam.

Niall teasdale ayah 7

Who was also a warrior with a pair of high-tech swords.

Niall teasdale ayah 11

Make that one high-tech sword. I was going for a swashbuckling sci-fi setting. The force fields were very complicated.

Niall teasdale ayah 39

She also had an awesome compound bow.

Niall teasdale ayah 16 1

And then she got two years younger and lost the makeup. Difficult to tell, but she's shorter, thinner, and has barely any bust.

Niall teasdale ayah 16

Grown up and in travelling clothes.

Niall teasdale ayah 38

Oh, and now she's into martial arts, hence being able to cross her legs like that.