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Nikki - suit concept

This is a concept artwork for an assassin character I'm working on, Nikki Knight, aka Night's Daughter (and a couple of other aliases, she gets around).

Used for thiswe have Smay's Leather Body Suit and Lilflame's Rider Boots for G3, available from DAZ. Exnem's gun belt is from Renderosity, but those pistols are Porsimo's Pistol 17 which is a fair copy of a Glock 17 (which happens to be what Nikki uses). The hair is Shanda, available from Runtime DNA. The backdrop is one of Stonemason's. The skin texture is Livia, with some LIE makeup overlays for the 'mask.' The pose is adjusted from one of the Premium Portrait sets. And I've forgotten some things I'm sure.

This took four hours to render with IRay on my rig (which is not exactly superpowered, but it moves).

Meanwhile, back to writing her.

Niall teasdale nikki study2