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The Gunwitch

The Gunwitch was a character I created for the MMO 'City of Heroes' back in the day. I ended up writing fiction for a living partially because I wrote fiction for that game. Various bits of various stories have made their way into my books, even some elements of Gunny's stories, but I recently decided to rewrite her properly because she was just a really great character.
This is another 'you never get it quite right on the first try' set of pictures, but in this case there's an extra because I created a model of the original Gunwitch. So this is a before and after sequence as well as a design sequence.

Oh, and her eyes are supposed to look like that. I recall more than one person pointing out the 'texture error' which caused those blank eyes... No, that's what her eyes look like.

Niall teasdale gunwitch pinup12
Niall teasdale gunwitch study43

The original Genesis Gunwitch.

Niall teasdale gunwitch pinup11

Alternate hair.

Niall teasdale gunwitch pinup1

First redesign attempt.

Niall teasdale gunwitch pinup2

With glasses and a bodysuit.

Niall teasdale gunwitch pinup3

With different guns.

Niall teasdale gunwitch pinup10

Side view showing her backpack.