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Ultrahumans 6 Character Images

I updated a lot of character models to Genesis 8 for the latest Ultrahumans books, and gave the characters new outfits/costumes. And there were a few new minor characters to model so that I had a solid image of what they looked like.

Niall teasdale twilight 6

Twilight - early costume redesign (going back to an earlier idea, actually).

Niall teasdale twilight 37

Twilight - final costume design.

Niall teasdale cygnus 20

Cygnus - final costume redesign.

Niall teasdale astraea 2

Astraea - final costume design.

Niall teasdale frostburn 2

Frostburn - final costume redesign.

Niall teasdale svetilo 5

Svetilo - costume design - she decided to stop fighting fires in designer dresses.

Niall teasdale captain freedom 1

Captain Freedom

Niall teasdale viviane 1

Viviane - final costume redesign.

Niall teasdale zapf bang pinup1

Zapf Bang! - his 'costume' is not really a costume.

Niall teasdale zapf bang pinup2

Zapf Bang! - beneath the costume.

Niall teasdale billy hong 1

Billy Hong

Niall teasdale fleet 1

Fleet - she's a speedster and wears running gear a lot.

Niall teasdale zoe 3


Niall teasdale melissa hart 1

Francesca Hart

Niall teasdale jacob 1

A Jacob pinup.

Niall teasdale twilight 50

Something atmospheric with Twilight in.

Niall teasdale group 2

Group wallpaper, with a mystery character in the middle.