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Thaumatology G3 Character Models

I'm currently working (slowly, far too slowly) on a new urban fantasy in my Thaumatology series. It's been a while and all the character models I have are Genesis or G2 (some go back to V4 and M4), so I decided to rework them with the G3 bases.
Working through this stuff is primarily for the purpose of setting the look of the characters. There are a couple of examples here of me trying to get a new look for Ceri's 'Overlord of All Demons' persona. I'm really happy with the new models for Twill, Michael, and Cheryl. The Dre (short for Deirdre) character has made a small appearance in the books before, but this one is going to be a real start and I've taken the opportunity to really settle on her look, which has two forms. The dressed up and dressed down pictures use the same body model with different hair, makeup, and (of course) clothes. It's the hair that really does the work in disguising her looks, however.

Niall teasdale twill ishifa pinup2

Twill and Ishifa

Niall teasdale ceri pinup35


Niall teasdale ceri pinup37


Niall teasdale cheryl pinup1

Cheryl in party mode

Niall teasdale dre pinup5

Dre dressed up

Niall teasdale ceri lily pinup7

Ceri and Lily

Niall teasdale hiffy pinup2


Niall teasdale lily pinup18

Lily, new Tir inna Nok costume

Niall teasdale michael ceri pinup1

Michael and Ceri

Niall teasdale ophelia pinup1

Ophelia, new Tir inna Nok costume

Niall teasdale dre pinup6

Dre dressed down

Niall teasdale ishifa pinup2

Ishifa, Tir inna Nok outfit