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Fox 10 Art Dump

Not much in the way of new characters I felt the need to model in this book, but for those who asked...

Niall teasdale book10 cover2

The base art for the cover. I wanted a flamenco/salsa sort of feel to the dance.

Niall teasdale fei pinup1

Fei - or her gynoid incarnation anyway.

Niall teasdale fei pinup2

Fei in a dress.

Niall teasdale fox 22

I think this was actually done for the book before last - action Fox.

Niall teasdale aiko 1

Aiko Minami - the esports girl from the convention.

Niall teasdale hoarsen 1

Mariel Hoarsen in her dress for Staright Talk.

Niall teasdale nebbs mackenzie 1

Nebbs and Mackenzie (left to right).

Niall teasdale fox 52

Fox's dress from Straight Talk.