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NaNoWriMo Concepts

It's (soon to be) National Novel Writing Month (which is international; go figure) and I'm taking the opportunity to spend a month writing something entirely out-of-band. This is partially because I'm have a flush of ideas right now and the only way to get them out of my system sometimes is to write them and find out they don't work. So, I started doing concepts for the characters as well as timelines and background notes. Here are a couple of concept images for characters who will, and won't, make it to the page this November.

Niall teasdale ash pinup6
Niall teasdale ash study1
Niall teasdale corin study1
Niall teasdale moira study1
Niall teasdale tisha robert pinup1
Niall teasdale tysha study1
Niall teasdale tysha pinup9