Misfit Witchcraft Concept Art

Niall teasdale ramona pinup6
Niall teasdale ramona azuria pinup1
Ramona and Azuria
Niall teasdale ramona pinup1
Ramona, two forms
Niall teasdale scintilla pinup1
Dean Scintilla Rainshadow
Niall teasdale krystal pinup14
Krystal, dracoform with effects
Niall teasdale krystal pinup37
Krystal pinup, for fun
Niall teasdale krystal pinup40
Krystal dracoform pinup, maybe something she'd actually wear
Niall teasdale krystal cadenza pinup1
Cadenza and Krystal
Niall teasdale krystal cadenza pinup2
Krystal (left) and Cadenza, dracoforms
Niall teasdale krystal pinup57
Krystal, dracoform disguised as an indigo in the epilogue

Various of my readers have asked for more Misfits concept stuff, especially of Ramona. No one asked for Cadenza, but you get her and a shot of Scintilla.